Our patented technology uses an active flow control system utilizing plasma actuators has been developed at the University of Notre Dame.  This system is capable of generating a body force which controls flow separation from a vehicle. By controlling flow separation, the drag force on a vehicle is minimized.  In essence, a vehicle can be streamlined independent of its actual shape. Physical devices such as spoilers, bobtails, flow plates, and diverter tabs have been used to move the airflow in a desired direction. Plasma actuators ionize the local airflow to induce a similar affect without the added structural components or weight.  Even the best designed physical devices attempt to divert flow, unlike plasmas which modify the existing flow field.






Plasma How it works

How does drag reduction contribute to energy savings ?

Based on data published by DOE over 65% of total engine power spent on highway truck is wasted on overcoming air drag.  So a fraction of drag reduction can contribute to a significant improvement in fuel efficiency and directly contributing to $$$$ savings for the customers.

Below are some of the locations where our technology can be implemented and possible drag that can be reduced on a class 8 truck.


Possible savings


Our supporting portfolio of patents cover wide range of application possibilities covering ground and air vehicle applications.

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