Dr. Shu Ching Quek

Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Shu Ching Quek is a technologist in the renewable energy and aerospace industries for 21 years. His experience included heading multi-million-dollar programs and technical leadership for 8 years at GE, 1 year as a research associate professor at Tufts University and, 2½ years at Ming Yang Wind Power Group (MYwind) as VP of Engineering for MYwind–China and President of MYwind–USA. In addition, Dr. Quek has also held R&D roles for photonics involving the use nanostructures, active flow control, active seals and thermionic energy recovery. While at GE, Dr. Quek received several management awards for his innovative contributions to the solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) program to achieve one of the world’s best performing cell. He leads the team to develop the world’s largest carbon based jointed aeroelastic blade at GE. In addition, he delivered the Ming Yang Wind Power’s first DNV/GL certification. More recently he has also consulted with one of the world largest concentrated solar power projects (1GW plant) with Glasspoint and significantly increasing their manufacturing yield and product operational life. Currently, Shu Ching is the CEO/Founder of Novuswave specializing in clean energy systems. He has received his Aerospace PhD from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. He currently holds over 20 patents in the areas of wind turbine blade, tower fabrication, inspection technologies, ceramic matrix composites, sodium batteries and fuel cells.